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Monday, September 21, 2015

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Today I was perusing the internet (as I usually do for my job) reading various real estate blogs and generally trying to figure out this strange world of buying and selling real estate. One thing was really clear in all locations and in all price ranges, you HAVE to make your property look as good as it can. If it's on the small size you need to make it look bigger or at the very least uncluttered, if it's outdated you need to bring current elements in to spruce it up, you get the picture. Pack away the family pictures, I know it's sad and you like looking at them but you want people to envision their life in your home, not your life in your home! It's such an easy thing to advise on but such a difficult thing to do. I know, I am a Certified Home Stager and I just sold my home and let me tell you, I had several people come in and advise me on what to store and what to keep - I just couldn't remove myself personally enough to see what needed to be done. Yes, I sold my house (9 days on the market) but the point is (in my professional opinion as a stager and a realtor) - it's easier to sell a staged house.

I found this great article today from NC Homebuyers - Love the title and the tips were great too Dress your home for a date with a motivated buyer. Don't you love that analogy? Who can't related to that? What do you all think? Have any of you had good (or bad) experiences with staging? I highly recommend choosing a realtor (like us) who has an in house staging department.

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