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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stupid wires in the way…

There I am, minding my own business during a small home improvement task (putting up a picture). I have all the materials (picture frame, hook, level) and tools (cordless drill, bits) I need. I even had a Post-It note folded in half to catch the dust from the drill bit as it came out of the wall to save me clean up time. I didn’t have a stud finder, so being the ‘experienced’ DIYer I simply knocked on the wall to find the location of the stud I wanted to use. And of course, being the experienced DIYer I didn’t even really mark the spot with a pencil—no, no, I just placed my drill on the spot in the middle of the stud, determined by my knocking on the wall to find it. Put up my folded Post-It to catch plaster dust and drilled gaily away, exerting more pressure than I really needed to. Next thing I know there is a sizable spark and electrical flash, the smell of burnt plastic, and all the hallway lights going out. Turns out not only did I not hit the middle of the stud, I hit the edge of the stud to which the electrical wiring was stapled.
Moral of the story? Know how the various systems in your house work so you can avoid costly repairs later. This article from outlines several things you should be aware of as a homeowner...

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