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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Open, Shmopen—Who Needs It?

I sometimes feel like I am lost in a sea of conformity. “Why can’t you just be like the rest of us Doc Marten-Gap wearing J├Ągermeister-drinking cool people”? I have a certain friend (who shall remain nameless) who would say to me that regardless of what the circumstances, I would only do something if it’s “something I want to do”. Sue me for not wanting to waste my Saturday and Sunday watching people hit each other, throw a ball, race around in a big circle, or chase a little white ball around. Nor do I want to be a hipster doofus (thank you Elaine Benes) who has no real aspirations.
Get the picture? I don’t necessarily want to be like everyone else, even on small, unimportant matters to my everyday life. Like, for instance, certain aspects of real estate. The same things show up over and over—granite countertops, stainless steel appliances (maybe I don’t like an industrial look), hardwood floors (hey!—maybe I don’t want to clomp around everywhere I walk), and open floor plan. Well, I too have had reservations about having an open floor plan, and wouldn’t you know? I came across this article from in which somebody else has the courage to say the same thing, so I just had to share. Enjoy!